Sheets of San Francisco – Fluidproof Funsheet

Monkey loves to make a splash! So given the opportunity to review one of the great products from Sheets of San Francisco, there was no holding back.

How many times have you and you play partner made such a mess, be it at home or in the lovely surroundings of a hotel, and one of you has to sleep in the wet patch?! We’ve all done it, lost in the heat and passion!

Well tonight monkey is sleeping dry! Or at least he hopes so, time to put one of Sheets of San Francisco’s Fluidproof Funsheets to the test.

Packaged in a sleek cardboard box, it showcases the fluidproof property of their sheets with the packaging image. The first thing i noticed was the weight. given the size of the sheet, i had expected a bit more weight, but it is surprisingly light.

Once i had opened the box revealing the sheet itself, i was impressed at the compactness when folded. Certainly small enough and light enough to pack with you when going away.

The sheet itself is smooth but has a slight rubbery feel to it. but not so rubber that your skin sticks and pulls like some sheets you can buy. I hate being stuck to things at the best of times, needless to say i wouldn’t want a sheet being stuck to me midway through an intense fucking session.

Unfolding the sheet, its size and coverage became quickly apparent. It is deceptively large, measuring 214cm x 240cm. It easily covered the footprint of standard double bed, but being a flat sheet, its uses are endless. Covering a sofa, the Kitchen floor, the Picnic Table, the floor in front of the log fire, you name it.

Sheets of San Francisco also produce fitted sheets, which would anchor to the bed nicely, but i’m sure if you could tuck a hospital corner, the flat sheet also works well. I’m not great at hospital corners, so throwing it over the surface of the bed would have to suffice for the purpose of my review.

Fast forward a few hours of very intimate and kinky fuckery, the funsheet was…. lets say it resembled a slip n slide! Lube, Water, Cum. The sheet had taken a battering. I must hasten to add at this point, given the various liquids the sheet had taken abuse from, and me likening it to a slip n slide, it wasn’t actually all that slippery. The rubbery feel to the sheet actual helped it maintain grip, which is great as no one ones to slip and pull a mischief now do they?!

The ultimate test was to see if Monkey would be sleeping dry! And after wiping down the surface of the sheet, removing it revealed the bed underneath to be as dry as the Sahara desert. Winner!!

The last thing for me to test was the cleaning of the sheet. i mentioned i had wiped it down prior to removing it from the bed, but that was all i did until i returned home the following day. Checking the washing instructions, i washed the sheet at 40′ with only washing detergent, no softener. After the washing cycle i started to remove the sheet and noticed it had retained some water from the wash, so i put it back in to spin a few more times. Now this may have been down to my washing machine, but id suggest additional spins to remove the extra water before hanging it out to dry. You can tumble dry on a low heat, but i have yet to try this.

Monkey’s Verdict 

The sheet was fantastic at its purpose, fluid penetration was zero. It does not inhibit movement, and is a doddle to keep clean.

So if you don’t want to  sleep in the wet patch, or want to preserve the carpet in the front room, then id highly recommend one of the sheets from the range by Sheets of San Francisco.

Monkey Score 9/10

The Sheets of San Francisco Fluidproof Funsheet was supplied by MEO in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Sheets of San Francisco Fluidproof Funsheet

Sheets of San Francisco Fluidproof Funsheet

Easy to clean


    Fluid Retention





        • Easy to clean
        • Lightweight
        • Doesn't stick to you
        • Can be used to cover any surface


        • Requires a few extra spins in the washing machine to help drain water.