– ManCunt Hybrid lubricant

Another great named lubricant from

Styled in a 125ml pump action bottle. The first thing you notice when you pump the bottle is MEO’s Hybrid water-soluble lubricant, looks just like cum! with its creamy white consistency.

Unlike a lot of other lubricants that sometimes dribble away quickly from where you have put it, its texture is smooth and thick so stays where you put it. Similar to other MEO Essential Lubricants, the ManCunt has fantastic durability, and the smallest amount works very well indeed.

As it is water soluble cleaning is very easy, and leaves no residue afterwards. I tested some on fabric, which i washed afterwards, leaving no marks or stains.

I love this lubricant, and its versatility. Safe with latex condoms, and safe with most sex toys, although i would advise testing a tiny amount first before coating any toy.

Monkey’s Verdict

As with all the MEO lubricants i have reviewed, ManCunt does not disappoint. They have a fun, quirky product that delivers on all aspects of how a lubricant should perform.

Monkey Score: 9/10

The MEO ManCunt was supplied by MEO in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

MEO ManCunt Hybrid Lubricant

MEO ManCunt Hybrid Lubricant

Easy to use









          • Easy to clean
          • Safe with Latex Condoms
          • Fun Texture and Colour


          • Precise application is difficult