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Review: Lockable Butt Plug Anal Master

MEO.de – Lockable Butt Plug – Anal Master

Shipped in a black zipped case, ideal for storing your plug for travel, or away in your toy drawer.

On opening the case, you will find; The Anal Master, plug winding key, padlock with locking bar, instructions, two condoms and some lubrication.

The first thing i noticed was the size of the plug. In its closed state, it has an insertable length of 108mm, with a girth ranging from 32mm at its tip to 40mm at its widest point, similar to the girth of many prostate massagers.

This beautifully crafted anal plug is designed as a chastity device. Made from stainless steel and aluminium, this plug is smooth and has some weight to it too (500g). For the chastity side of things to work, the plug has three wings that open when the winding key is rotated. this can take the girth up to 85mm.

With the girth being controllable, it is easily adjustable to your own preference, so it makes it ideal for anal beginners who would like to start off small and increase size gradually.

Something i like about the way in which the lock works is that the pin position is adjustable, so it can easily be aligned to allow for maximum comfort underneath clothing for prolonged wear.

So down to the actual testing. Having only reviewed one other anal device (Lelo -Loki), i was initially concerned about the girth, but after a comparison it was really mind over matter as they were very similar in size.

The plug is supplied with condoms to slide over the device, this helps with insertion, and also protects during use for cleaning reasons. There are many internal areas that could get dirt lodged when the plug is expanded, so i would recommend using one when playing with this plug.

After a suitable amount of lubricant, the plug began its voyage. there isn’t much of a gradient on initial insertion, so you quickly get to the maximum closed girth. gentle persistence was key.

The plug sits very nicely once inside, the end plate nestled between my cheeks.

Next was to open the wings. There is no visual guide as to how far open the wings are, so everything is judged by the internal feeling of fullness. I adjusted the wings whilst in a standing position so i could judge if the plug would easily slide back out.

After winding the wheel for some time, i could certainly feel the plug expanding inside, and the fullness it gave was a strange sensation.

Time to put the plug through its paces, a few star jumps and squat thrusts and this thing was well and truly plugged in, no movement or shift at all.

I decided to test the plug over a 24 hour period so i could gather comfort factors from a daily aspect. Sleeping with the plug was less uncomfortable than i had imagined. Once i was settled in bed i pretty much forgot it was there.

However, sitting up in bed the following morning i was given a reminder that it was! The locking pin section pushed the end plate against my tail bone. after a readjustment of my sitting position it was a little more comfortable.

Through the day i knew it was there from the weight i felt in my anus, but no real discomfort. Sitting again pushed against my tail bone, and readjustment was required.

All in all a fairly comfortable experience, but as its a chastity device you would not really expect pleasurable comfort now would you.

I’m sure this plug could be used in many BDSM scenes, punishments etc..

I really enjoyed this plug, and its opened my eyes to the world of chastity for men.

Monkey’s Verdict

A very well made and clever plug. Easy to use solo, and despite its ferocious look when the 3 wings are opened fully, it is very comfortable and quite pleasant. It certainly gives the felling of fullness, and it works perfectly as a chastity device.

Monkey Score: 9/10

The MEO Lockable Anal Plug – Anal Master was supplied by MEO in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Lockable Butt Plug Anal Master

Lockable Butt Plug Anal Master

Easy to clean









          • Easy to clean
          • Great for anal beginners
          • Allows easy anal stretching without discomfort intenally
          • Gives a great full up feeling


          • Slight discomfort when sitting

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          1. have this item in my arsenal of butt toys and I frequently use it on my experienced butt bottoms, guys for whom a regular butt plug might slip out. As I remove it, I keep the flaps a little bit open so that it reduces the possibility of catching on skin. The bottom guys love it, and I love the way it stays put! <3 it!

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