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Review: Lelo – Bruno Prostate Massager

LELO – Bruno Prostate Massager

The packaging of the LELO – Bruno follows suit with their other product presentation, being very sleek and stylish, just like the Lelo -Loki i reviewed here.

Included with the unit are a USB-Charging Cord, Warranty Registration Card, Instruction Manual, some Personal moisturizer and Black Satin Storage Pouch.

The Bruno features a returning “thumb” for want of a better word, which sits quite nicely between you bum and base of your cock. allowing vibrations to not only stimulate you P spot, but also send waves up your shaft.

One thing i did notice with the way this thumb and the base of the Bruno are designed, is it doesn’t allow for much wiggle and aim of the head once inside. The slimness however does mean it sits quit nicely and if you were brave enough you could probably wear this hidden under you clothing and still walk and sit comfortably enough.

Unlike the Loki there was charge already in the Bruno’s 420mAh battery. The guide charging time as with the Loki is 2hrs, with a usage time for roughly an hour.

Being a monkey i decided to jump straight in. The controls of the Bruno are different to the Loki, featuring a single button does all format. The one button turns the Bruno on, throwing itself into the first of the vibration patterns. subsequent presses of the button then cycle through the rest of the 6 settings. There isn’t an intensity setting for controlling the power of the vibration, so its full pelt all the way. One long press of the single button turns it off.

Made out of Body-safe silicone/ABS, the Bruno is easy to clean. as with Lelo products, the Bruno has been designed to be waterproof too, great for a relaxing night having a soak in the tub or for a cheeky blast in the shower.

A well rounded P spot massager, and powerful too.

Monkey’s Verdict 

The Bruno P spot massager is great. Slightly less versatile than the Loki in my opinion, only because i like to be able to wiggle around and shift pressure, but still a fantastic stimulator. As ever it is easy to use, easy to clean, great power, and on par with the other Lelo P Spot products.

Monkey Score 8/10

The LELO – Bruno was supplied by MEO in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

Lelo - Bruno Prostate Massager

Lelo - Bruno Prostate Massager

Easy to clean









          • Rechargeable
          • Waterproof
          • East To Clean
          • Powerful
          • Very Simple Operation


          • Fixed Position
          • No intensity Control


          1. God, this is a great toy for the collection. It’s absolutely going to make its way into the roster. It’s very easy to use as the controls are located, thankfully, in the middle at the intersection of the ‘v’, and it holds a long charge. I prefer the charging mechanism as it doesn’t have any propensity to slip over the magnetic functions on other toys and holds firmly to the charger. It’s a damned good device and is good for beginners with a lot of lube or advanced players, with a little lube. Fun for all.

          2. This is a great product. I am a regular user of the Aneros and I needed something more.. with a little bit more zzing. The overall product is very well made and feels sturdy. The outside material feels like a velvety silicon. Very nice.

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