Hot Octopuss – Pulse III Duo Guybrator

My review of this “Guybrator” is long overdue. Having first come across this marvelous award-winning male/couples toy at Eroticon 2017, i immediately wanted one and ended up buying one then and there.

Eager to test drive it, the first thing i did on returning to my hotel that night was unbox this beautifully sculpted device. Crafted from soft matt silicone, its smooth to the touch with all the controls and charging point completely encased, making the Pulse III Duo useable in the shower or bath.

Accompanying the Pulse III is a Hot Octopuss branded draw string bag, instruction booklet, Duo Remote and the magnetic USB charging cable. I love the magnetic charging feature which helps keep the design smooth and sealed. So first things first i plugged it in and left it to charge. Whilst i read the instruction booklet.

The controls are very easy, you have a single button on the left hand side that turns the Pulse III on and is also used to cycle through the 6 pulse patterns. On the right side there is a + and – button, these are used to increase and decrease the pulse patterns.

Separate to the built-in buttons is the Duo III remote. This is activates the vibrator built into the base of the Duo III. Pressing the button turns the vibrating function on and subsequent presses cycles through vibration intensities.

So having let the Pulse charge fully, indicated by a green LED on the magnetic charger, it was time to jump right in.

The technology behind the Pulse III Duo is designed to allow it to be used flaccid or erect. So my initial test was from the “cold start” position. Wrapping the wings of the Pulse III Duo around my flaccid cock, the immediate thing i notice was the weight, its fairly light considering the two vibrators it houses. Its shape allows it to be easily cupped in the hand whilst you are flaccid, and the wings are flexible enough to encompass the larger girth of some.

Ignition! The pulse plate springs into life, with a noticeable power even on the lowest setting. It didn’t take long to see the effects of the pulse plate as i could see my cock growing right there in front of me. I wasn’t watching porn, or thinking about anything sexual, i wanted to test the claim that this thing could get you hard and make you cum. And boy it was doing a great job of getting me hard, before i knew it i had a rock hard erection on my hands.

Next my testing turned to the making me cum/ orgasm part. Now during the Sex Tech session i attended during Eroticon 2017, Adam from Hot Octopuss was giving us an excellent talk through the features and tech behind the Pulse II Duo. One thing that was mentioned is that feedback said different people felt different sensations at different points along their shaft, and finding the perfect spot, and pressure  was something that was down to personal preference.  So a little bit of positioning and re-positioning was needed to find my perfect spot.

The Pulse III compared to its predecessor has had motor upgrades, making it 25% stronger in vibrations, with a speed and anti-stall sensor, meaning you can put pressure on the vibrator and it wont stop, as it ramps up the power to keep the pulse plate moving. I did find that when i was lay on the bed, pressed down into the Pulse III Duo, the pulse plate did actually stop a couple of times. I put this down to the length of time i had been using it, and the battery had gotten low, so i re tested following a full charge, but it did stop again. Maybe i was putting too much pressure on it, I’m not sure.

Jumping back to the weight of the Pulse III Duo and its wings, once fully erect, the Pulse III Duo clung and held in position by itself, making it fully hands free! Perfect for the lazy wanker.

Once i had found my prefered spot i stuck with it, and increasing the intensity and playing with the patterns. The sensation is mind blowing. You feel completely powerless, and climax is inevitable. The most effortless orgasm i have ever had.

This toy would be great fun used as part of a scene for denial or forced orgasm!

I will add to the review when i have fully road tested the couples functionality of the Pulse III Duo.

Monkeys Verdict

The Pulse III Duo delivers as promised. Hands free orgasm using the Pulse Plate technology from flaccid , or can be used with lubricant as a masturbator. Its quiet, and easy to clean. Waterproof, meaning you can take it with you in the shower for a hot and steamy session.

Monkey Score 9/10

HotOctopuss Pulse III Duo

HotOctopuss Pulse III Duo

Easy to clean


    Vibration Power




        Orgasm Factor



          • Very easy to clean
          • Quick magnetic charging
          • Waterproof
          • Can be used solo or as a couple


          • Not as powerful as expected