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Sinful Sunday – D is for…

Being Tied up in the Dormer Window.

Click on the lips to see who else has been sinful with the letter D this prompt week.
Sinful Sunday


  1. silverdomuk

    This is an awesome image! 🙂

  2. That is one cool shot. The rain makes it even more interesting.

  3. What a lovely sight to walk in on. I imagine a flash of lightning and clap of thunder as you turn to look back to the camera…. excellent ambience you’ve created here

  4. Wow – This shot is awesome. I love it. I feel you are waiting there being told to obey and awaiting orders. Fantastic ! x

  5. victoriablisseuk

    Lovely, like the pop of the red 🙂

  6. D is also for drips of rain and delicious views


  7. Love this!

    Rebel xox

  8. I do enjoy this image. The window adds so much to the shot.

  9. A delightfully . . . submissive . . . pose!
    And I love the idea of the restrictive red !!!
    Xxx – K

  10. I love this image. I love the fact that you are waiting.

  11. Oh, the colours in this are fabulous! I love how the red stands out from the faded background, it’s brilliant! Xxx

  12. Love the thought you’ve put into this one – both the concept and the execution. You’ve captured a particular mood perfectly, and it’s resulted in a great photo!

  13. Such a stunning photo! I adore the tone and your unique choice of a ‘D’ word.
    Aurora x

  14. Love it! Such a simple but interesting image. Perfect!

  15. Great shot. And am I allowed to perv over your great arse too?

  16. There is something mysterious and alluring about your bound wrists and bowed head…

  17. Love the light and contrast…great shot!

  18. I love how the rain and the grey colouring just add so much to this…great shot.

  19. Very nice capture!

  20. tabitharayne

    Ooo I love the red edit too x x

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