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Sinful Sunday – Heads you win..

I would have continued to say tails you loose, however I don’t think that was the case.

Click the lips to see who else won the toss.Sinful Sunday


  1. silverdomuk

    Oooh! I do like a wench with a tail. Lovely image.

  2. Doesn’t look like loosing to me, in fact the opposite


  3. I think tails is definitely a winner there! Such a sexy photo!
    Aurora x

  4. I think tails for the win!

  5. Lovely image. I find tails very sexy!

  6. Fabulous shot!

  7. Oh, what a sexy tail!

  8. Oohh very sexy shot x

  9. yaah this is good posting woooooooooww thanks for shearing

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